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Per Sempre

In all the years that we have been active in the diamond world, we have regularly been asked to compress the ashes of a deceased into diamond. Apparently there are companies that claim to be able to do that. With all the techniques, knowledge and experience we have our doubts about the truth of these claims. But one thing is clear. There is a need to carry the ashes of a loved one as a jewel.

We have developed a first generation of diamond urns especially for this demand. Diamond urns in the shape of a pendant, urns as earrings, as a ring or even a stand-alone object. We would like to visualize your thoughts with a tailormade design.

The renderings below show examples of what options are available until now. They are frames of gold, inlaid with diamond windows. We offer the diamond windows in transparent, smoky or black diamond, or a combination of these.

If desired, these urns can be further inlaid with other small diamonds. The urns can be made and finished based on customer requirements.

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Urn Alessia

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Urn La Ciliegia sull’anello

  • Rituals
  • Remember
  • Rest
  • Respect
  • Remains
  • Return
  • Realize
  • Retain


An urn containing the ashes of your loved one deserves a special environment to be stored when you are not wearing it. That is why we have developed the R-box with great care.

The R-box is not just a packaging, it is an special and extremely luxurious box. A box containing pure emotion. The jewel with the ashes itself is just one part of the value. The concept of value is different for everyone. That is why the R-box is divided into different areas. These spaces can be filled in according to your needs. This way you create your own environment to be together again with your loved one for a moment when it feels right for you.

When opening the R-box, see the effigy of your loved one with a motto that was so distinctive. The top layer is intended for your tailormade jewelry. But this is just the start of your journey.

Underneath are spaces for personal matters. Little things that were so recognizable to your loved one. Room for rituals, for moments to remember, room for little things that will guide you to return back in time. In these spaces you can create your own personal atmosphere.

You may have stored personal jewelry in the R-box. How would it be to store a little bottle with some of the favorite perfume as well so you can smell your loved one’s recognizable scent? You may have other small items in the R-box that are characteristic for your loved one.

With the R-Box, you can’t get any closer to your lost love.

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