Our Diamonds

Labgrown diamonds are environmentally friendly, socially responsible and sustainable diamonds. It is a diamond that is not only beautiful from the outside, but which is also created “beautifully”. Moreover, a lab-grown diamond is also up to 50% cheaper.

The three major international laboratories of diamond certificates GIA, HRD and IGI, provide diamond reports confirming that a lab diamond has exactly the same optical, physical and chemical properties as natural diamonds. The only difference is the origin.

We are proud to tell our customers that our diamonds are made in a laboratory that meets the highest standards and uses the latest modern technology. We supply our high quality labgrown diamonds all over the world at attractive prices.

PietrAVerde is known for the extremely large diamond wafers with which we can make the most unique and fancy creations but we also offer the more regular shapes. Besides the well-known diamond cuts like brilliant, all kind of fantasy shapes are available.

We offer high quality transparent diamond but also our smoky diamond creations are very beautiful.

The larger diamonds will be deliverd with HRD, GIA or IGS grading reports.