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2017 -2018

A wafer with a weight of 155 carats and more than 1300 hours of pure craftsmanship were needed to make the world’s first full-diamond ring. The beautiful result is a solid diamond ring with 133 facets and has a weight of 3.86 carats. The ring is graded by HRD Antwerp.

The Ring of Pietraverde
Pietraverde | Diamond Jewels

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Jewels Made for You

RegaloVerde | Diamond Jewels

The green gift. With the Regalo line we offer several unique diamond jewelry designs. The jewels on the renderings are just examples. Each type can be redesigned to your own specifications.


One of a kind exclusively for you.
That’s what we do.

Pietraverde | Diamond Jewels

The PietrAverde team is used to think outside the box. Sometimes you have to look at things from a completely different angle. This can lead to the most unique and unexpected creations. Our collaboration with the best jewelry designers will give this way of thinking an extra boost.

Urns per Sempre

Jewels for Timeless Connection

Per Sempre | Diamond Jewels

In all the years that we have been active in the diamond world, we have regularly been asked to compress the ashes of a deceased into diamond. Apparently there are companies that claim to be able to do that. With all the techniques, knowledge and experience we have our doubts about the truth of these claims. But one thing is clear. There is a need to carry the ashes of a loved one as a jewel.